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Self-care: what, when, how and why?

Reading a Book

"You need to fill your cup before you can fill anyone else's"...


Great advice, but it took me over 6 years to really comprehend what it really meant!  I couldn't stop the day-job, my 'free-time' (time is never really free in motherhood) whizzed by, and my children continued to get older by the day, week, year. There simply wasn't much opportunity to put myself first.

Would an evening on the sofa, a take-out or early night count as self-care? Even when I managed to do them, I couldn't switch my mind off - there were too many jobs and my mind was always racing.

Self-care, I discovered, was not a one-off activity, not even a weekly routine or annual holiday. It is, in fact a life-style choice. One that starts with nurturing your mind, body and soul.

I wouldn't dream of telling you what self-care looks like to you, but for me, it was finding time for a morning or evening routine of meditation, enriching books and time to reflect on life and connect with what matters.

I found every time I deviated from my morning self-care routine, my mind and body would quickly call out to me how much it missed and needed it.

As a post-natal depression and anxiety survivor, I was drawn to help others who are going through what I did.  I know how lonely and utterly debilitating these conditions can be, I couldn't bare to think of other's feeling that way.

I have compiled a series of self-help, care and discovery tips, which were pivotal in my own journey of recovery.  Have a look, maybe even try a few...  I hope that one or more might strike a chord with your beliefs and values.

Please note, these were written with love and hopes of helping other.  If you would like to talk to me about the ideas in them, please get in touch.

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