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Learn and Grow!

Saturday: We couldn’t wait any longer – it’s finally planting time!

There are so many exciting elements of this veg growing lark and it all starts at one of the most exciting, child friendly places – the garden centre!

We picked up these mini-greenhouses and browsed the seed isles for as long as our children would allow us before heading back to the fish tanks and watching ‘Bad Barry’ the Giant Gourami.

At home, we filled the planting trays with compost and the children sewed the seeds! This was a first for all of us, as in the past we’ve just bought baby plants and popped them straight into the soil. This time, it’ll be great to watch the process from start to finish – from tiny seeds to veg on our plates!

The learning opportunities are endless and the teacher in me will have them drawing, dissecting and measuring! It’ll be lovely to hear their thoughts and ideas as they grow. From using our Busy Minds Conversation Cards, I’m always surprised by how they see the world, what incredible imaginations our little people have!

Now I’m not sure if this is right but as carrot seeds are just tiny specks, we planted 4 of them into each little pot. I reckon we’ll just thin them out when they start to grow. We’ve planned where each veg will go in the garden, we’re especially excited about the maize we’ll grow along the neighbour’s fence. How long it’ll take the plants to actually grow veg? We’re unsure but we’re already bursting with excitement!

Friday: We have tiny sprouts with tiny leaves! Next stop Cabbages…just need to get the children to actually like cabbage!

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