Helping families to live positive and be mindful

Helping families to live positive and be mindful

Learning through play

With a wealth of Primary and Early Years teaching experience, plus having own children, we are huge advocates of learning through play.  We know that children learn best through their own course of investigation, discovery and practise, which is why we developed a range of play-based activity cards to support parents and carers to make the most of their child's time at home.

Download for FREE, print, use and share - we want the world to benefit from these little gems because we strive for all children and families to live happy and fulfilled lives, with less screen time and more PLAY time! 

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Our gift to the world

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Learning through play is a key element of child development.

Initially designed as a gift for parents and carers during Lockdown 2020.


Follow these simple activity cards for inspiration on these areas of learning: Maths, Literacy, Science, ICT, Role play, Fine motor, Messy Play, Play-Doh, Outdoors, Mindfulness and Games and more!

Over 170 fun and interactive activity cards for children aged 3+

As teachers and parents of small people, we understand the importance of learning through play!

We have created a wealth of activity cards for families to use at home and when out and about.  They are all absolutely FREE to download and can be used straight from your device, or printed for your own library of pick-up-and-play activity cards.