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Hi, I’m Stephanie Chilton, Executive Functions coach, EFT practitioner, Primary and mindfulness teacher... and member of a  neurodiverse family. I offer a personalised coaching service to children and adults, to support and develop their Executive Function (EF) skills.

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Executive Functions Coaching

What are Executive functions skills?

Executive functions are the mental processes that help us to plan, focus, remember, multi-task, and regulate our emotions. Everyone has executive functions, but just as we are all unique, so too are our strengths and weaknesses in these skills.

So, you may have an incredible enquiring mind, filled with great ideas, but struggle to organise yourself or get overwhelmed by life's tasks. This is where executive functions coaching comes in! We will work together to address, develop and master these skills. 

Who is EF coaching for? ​An estimated 15% of the population has a neurodivergent (ND) condition (autism, ADHD, dyslexia and others) – though this number is expected to be much higher.  Whether you have a diagnosis or not, EF coaching can support and guide you, so that you can thrive at life.


With a personalised coaching approach, EF coaching can benefit children and adults with:

  • Emotion control

  • Working memory

  • Focus / sustained attention

  • Planning and prioritising

  • Organisation

  • Time management

  • Task initiation

  • Defining and achieving goals

  • Flexibility

  • Response inhibition /self-control

  • Working memory / metacognition 

How does it EF coaching work? Through discussion and assessment, we gauge which EF skills need to be developed. Then we work collaboratively to set realistic, achievable goals (small steps = big difference).


Regular check-ins, allow us to monitor progress and wellbeing, and address any new hurdles. We move at the client's pace and with their interests and motivations in mind.  


Why work with me?

I understand, first-hand what it’s like to live within a neurodiverse family and the roller coaster of emotions that can fill a typical day. I have taught in mainstream Primary schools for 14 years, and have deep knowledge and experience of supporting children with SEND.

I am a qualified Executive Functions coach, Mindfulness teacher and EFT and reiki practitioner.

I want everyone to thrive and have the self-confidence to celebrate their unique qualities and reach their potential.

If you would like to hear more, please get in touch to find out about the personalised coaching options.

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