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Emotional Freedom Technique

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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure, is the practice of tapping specific pressure points on the face and body in order to release pressure, tension, anxiety and trauma from the body.


How can EFT help me?

EFT is effective at identifying and releasing negative emotions that are linked to traumas, phobias, pain, and limiting beliefs about yourself and others. EFT can:

  • Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression (including PTSD)

  • Address ‘mental blocks’ in moving forward with life goals and relationships

  • Increase confidence and feelings of wellbeing


Who can use EFT?

Everyone can benefit from EFT.  When working with adult clients, we focus on emotions and experiences that have had a negative impacted how they see and experience the world.  For children and teens, we focus on the feelings that they experience in different settings, and help them to ‘reframe’ issues and worries. EFT is an excellent way to develop resilience, self-awareness, and coping strategies as we move through life.


What does an EFT look like?

During our one-to-one EFT sessions, we talk about how you are feeling and any incidents in the past that have had a negative impact on you. Once a specific issue has been identified, we talk about it while tapping a sequence of pressure points on the head and body. We repeat the sequence until your body has released the negative energy that it was holding towards the issue.


What would an EFT session with a child entail?

We understand that children learn best in a fun and friendly environment. Our one-to-one EFT sessions aim to put the child at ease, in a playful, empathetic and accepting setting. Sessions include:

  • ‘Name is to tame it’ - talking about feelings, how they manifest in our body, external experiences that trigger these feelings and ways to feel better.

  • EFT/tapping, including teaching some self-soothing tapping strategies.

  • Mindfulness techniques, including breathing, grounding, and how to recharge your emotional battery.


Where do we perform EFT?

  • EFT sessions should be undertaken in a quiet and private space. We can meet one-to-one or via zoom.

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