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My story

Hi, I'm Stephanie, mother, teacher, holistic therapies practitioner and founder of The Daily Enrich.

My parenting journey started 9 years ago and I've been on the wonderful, crazy, exhausting, rewarding roller coaster ever since. 


Motherhood has not been easy, I was one of the 1 in 5 mothers who struggled with their mental health but with time, support and hours of reading, self-care and healing, I have come out from under that heavy cloud stronger and happier.

Thanks to my lows and the strategies I learned to overcome them, I find myself being able to cope better with the worries and what-ifs of life.  I find practising reiki, mindfulness and gratitude daily, hourly or minute-by-minute has allowed me to focus on the positives and see beauty in the simple things.

I know first-hand the challenges of life with small children, so I wanted to support parents with what I know from my role as a teacher and mother.  During the pandemic, I knew that lots of families would find the strain of juggling life, work and home-schooling tricky so created a bank of free learning-through-play activities cards to lighten the load.

I am a qualified Reiki practitioner and provide face-to-face and distanced reiki to people in Nottingham and around the world. In addition to these sessions, I provide my clients with a tool kit of techniques to self-heal and balance their own energy levels. It is my purpose to bring affordable self-help practices to all, regardless of financial circumstances, so please get in touch if you are from a low-income household and we can discuss pay-what-you-can Reiki sessions.


I hope that our website offers ​you some support and ideas for you and your family's wellbeing.  Check our our shop for some fun, interactive, calming, happiness-inducing products and our parent and child wellbeing area for tips on self-care for all the family.

Let’s make every moment count and raise happy, resilient, creative-thinking little people.

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