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Hi, I'm Stephanie, mother, teacher and founder of Enrich.

My parenting journey started 6 years ago and we've been on the wonderful, crazy, exhausting, rewarding roller coaster ever since.  Motherhood has not been easy, I was one of the 1 in 5 mothers who struggled with their mental health but with time, support and hours of reading, self-care and healing, I have come out from under that heavy cloud a stronger and happier woman, wife and mother.

Thanks to my lows and the strategies I learned to control my depression, I find myself being able to cope better with the worries and what-ifs of this pandemic.  I find practising mindfulness and gratitude daily, hourly or minute-by-minute has allowed me to focus on the positives and see beauty in the simple things (like my children's smiles, how they sing out of tune and our kitchen discos!).

I know first-hand the challenges of life with small children, so I wanted to support parents with what I know from my role as a teacher and mother.  I knew that lots of families would find the strain of juggling life, work and home-schooling tricky so I set to work creating a wealth of learning-through-play activities to support families. Please share with anyone you think would benefit.


I hope that our website offers ​you some support, incites and ideas for you and your family's wellbeing.  Check our our shop for some fun, interactive, calming, happiness-inducing products and our parent and child wellbeing area for tips on self-care for all the family.

Let’s make this time count and raise happy, resilient, creative-thinking little people.



Enrich creates high quality, affordable products to make every family home a happier place to be

By investing in our products, you will invest in your family and the relationships they have with the world.      

Our passion for spreading positivity has driven us to create this range of products.  Please keep coming back to our Online Store as we have more products on the way, and follow us on Instagram @Daily_Enrich for regular wellbeing check-ins.

We strive to make your Daily Enrich experience as rewarding and fun as possible. Please get in touch if you have any questions or ideas for how we can continue to improve this wellbeing site and future products.  We would love to hear from you. 

Simple philosophy questions to challenge their perception of their world
Mindfulness - being present
Appreciating simple moments
Elevating family conversations.

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